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My Autobiography
4 Feb 2011
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This painting describes the effects of thirty years of Vietnam War on my life (1946-1975). I was born in 1940 when the Second World War was already one year on. The Viet Nam war completely destroyed my childhood. I had to escape from the safe corner of my childhood when I was only 6 years old (1945-1950). In 1954 I migrated to the South when Viet Nam was divided into two countries. 

I lived in Saigon for 20 years from 1954-1975 but I had to stay living under a communist regime from 1975 until 1982 before I could escape to the refugee camp of Pilau Bidong. I spent 15 days and nights on the treacherous South China Sea before arriving in the Refugee camp and my new life in exile. So far this has been for 25 years. 

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