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6000 to 1- Stompin Dance.
22 Jan 2015
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Ten Days- Tasmanian International Arts Festival in association with Stompin Dance present, 6000 to 1.

Come all-in with Stompin as they explore the anatomy of choice and chance in 6000 to 1. Using dance, video and sound, this performative journey will analyse a variety of high-stakes scenarios curated by young Tasmanians. 6000 to 1, a reference to Tasmania’s youth suicide statistics, uses the metaphor of a casino and manipulates the concept of time to explore the impact and importance of the choices we make. Place a bet with Stompin and experience the repercussions of real-life situations in a showdown with the notions of luck, chance, fate and choice. 


Health Young People Dance Storytelling Visual Arts Artist Collaborator
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