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Nikkei Delegation in Saigon
7 Feb 2011
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On 20 May 2005, an exhibition of 30 of my art works titled "Saigon Sea of Remembrance" was sponsored by the Nikkei Japanese Economic Journal Newspaper in Chagaski City in Japan to commemorate 30 years since the fall of Saigon. 

I was invited to return back to Saigon with the Nikkei delegation on 30.4.2005 before returning back to Japan to open the exhibition. This painting was inspired from that journey. In November 2009 this painting appeared on the first page of the book 'A Flame Tree in Saigon' published by Mr H Maki. I had worked with him from March 1975 until September 1975 until he was expelled out of Saigon by the communist authorities. This book sold 4000 copies on the opening day. 

Mr Maki officially invited me to visit Japan in Autumn 2009 and hosted a 10 day holiday in Tokyo, Kyoto from 10- 20th November 2009. 

This was a wonderful time in my life, and a real reward for the art work I had produced in Australia. 

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