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REBUS Theatre Incorporated
18 Feb 2015
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Rebus Theatre is made up of people with and without disabilities, performing scenarios based on the actors' lived experiences of discrimination and stigma. Rebus uses “forum theatre” which is a format allowing participants to interact with the actors and practice real life skills for the workplace in a dignified, entertaining and non-threatening atmosphere.

In each training session the participants will be presented with a ten minute scenario which has a very undesirable outcome for the main characters, which the audience initially watches uninterrupted. The actors then replay the scenario and members of the audience are invited to interrupt, come forward to replace an actor, and demonstrate how they would do things differently to change the outcome.

Rebus draws out meaningful dialogue amongst participants about what the workplace does well in the areas of equity and diversity, and what aspects could be improved, to bridge the gap between policy and practice. Rebus shows that every person in every organisation has influence and can help build a positive, inclusive workplace and deliver outstanding customer service.
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