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AugmentArt in Warren
16 Feb 2015

From February 16 to 20 dLux artist Warren Armstrong, along with dLab facilitator Yenny Huber, travelled to the small township of Warren in Central Western New South Wales to deliver workshops in augmented reality.

Fifteen students from the local central school were selected to be part of the activities which included an excursion to the Macquarie Marshes and an introduction to creating augmented reality trigger points and sculptures that would highlight the history, ecology and importance of the wetlands.

The aim is to up-skill the young people in new media art and make it relevant to their surroundings. Not only will the participants learn new techniques using iPads, apps and photography, they will also consider the science behind the marshes and address the issues it is facing by creating interactive 'information points' that can be accessed through augmented reality equipped devices. 

The best thing about augmented reality is that it is environmentally friendly and easily accessible.

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