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Wagga Wagga Facilitator Training and Wafrica Summer School
17 Jan 2015

Yenny spent January 17 and 18 passing on valuable insight to a select group interested in learning skills that would give them the confidence to facilitate digital media workshops on their own. She discussed with them the necessary steps of program planning and delivery required to showcase digital montaging and music as creative tools. 

On the following Monday and Tuesday Yenny was joined by Vicky and Beyola, our latest dLab participants cum facilitators, at WAfrica’s Summer School. It was the young women’s first attempt at leading a workshop independently and although they exhibited some shyness in the beginning, they quickly grew into their roles and became more confident guiding their participants through the different photography processes that were being used to create artworks. 

During those two days the participants flourished in the outdoor photography activities working well as a group and coming up with more innovative and thoughtful ideas for their projects. 

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