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Hare in The Gate Productions
19 Feb 2015
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Hare in The Gate is an Oregon-based production company owned by filmmakers, Sue Arbuthnot and Richard Wilhelm. With more than 20 documentaries to its name, Hare in the Gate's mission is "to stir new conversation, forge connections, and deepen our understanding of a complex world." Sue and Richard's films have appeared on Public Broadcasting channels throughout the United States and many have been screened internationally. 

The pair's most recent project is the documentary Dryland — a "cinematic meditation on the fate of rural America [that] reveals a paradoxical struggle between technological advancement and the dwindling family farm." The Dryland Directors' Statement tells us more about Sue and Richard's interest in rural places: 

"Sue and Richard take joy in producing images and sharing stories pertaining to rural America. Daily and seasonal rhythms on the land and the exceptional work ethic of small-scale agrarians are deeply internalized in our perspectives and aesthetic. Our work portrays miners, ranchers, homesteaders, Native American artists, advocates for salmon restoration, among many other subjects—each film striving to capture the quality of human interaction with the natural world. Whether fashioning tools, harvesting, abrading a stone projectile point, or twining a traditional basket, the expression of knowledge, craft, and inherited memory of people tied to place greatly intrigues us as filmmakers." 

For more information on Hare in the Gate's documentaries and the Dryland screening tour, check out Sue and Richard's website

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