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Marine and Beach Debris Litter Survey
8 Feb 2011
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The Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board produced this instructional movie on the marine and beach debris litter survey so more people can become aware of the impact marine debris has on our coastal regions, flora and fauna. Marine Debris Awareness Program During 2007 it became apparent that the wider community are concerned about increasing levels of debris on Eyre Peninsula beaches of both land and marine based origins. The purpose of developing and delivering this project through the EPNRM Board is to address community concerns by raising awareness of the environmental impacts of beach litter, while working together as a region to alleviate the current impacts on coastal and marine environments and wildlife. It is anticipated that the delivery of this program will include: • Beach Debris Collection - Adopt a Beach campaign with Community, LG, School, industry and Indigenous Groups. • Beach Debris Survey at 4 locations -- A survey technique and data sheet will be developed. Litter will be collected, sorted, weighed and counted into categories/types. The 4 locations will be specifically targeted to cover a range of debris collection points including: shipping channels, local aquaculture and fishing industry debris, recreational fishing and stormwater outlet litter to ascertain the rate of buildup. • Education and Awareness -- information sessions will be held with participating groups and open to the wider community to raise awareness of the sources of debris and threats posed by debris to coastal and marine habitats and wildlife. Engaging an environmental artist will be investigated to facilitate creating art with collected debris materials. • Educational materials -- will be developed for distribution to the wider community. • Signage -- will be produced and erected at strategic locations to raise awareness of the impacts debris can cause on beaches and in the marine environment to wildlife • Summary Report -- will be produced on the debris surveys conducted to inform relevant agencies of project findings. There is a community perception that beach debris is directly related to offshore aquaculture and fishing industries. Survey work will help to identify hot spot locations most susceptible to aquaculture and fishing related debris. Work will also help identify other sources of debris. Removing Debris from Eyre Peninsula beaches will have a positive effect on the health of marine and terrestrial environments. This project will also help raise the Board's profile in addressing a marine and coastal issue of community priority and concern. It is anticipated that this project will incorporate Groups/Survey sites in all NRM Group areas. Support has been offered for this initiative by both the Lower Eyre Coastcare Group and Coffin Bay Tourist Association.

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