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Creative Recovery Network
4 Mar 2015
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Communities across the world continue to be hit by an unprecedented wave of natural disasters leaving communities on the long road to social, economic and cultural recovery. Growing evidence indicates, particularly in times of community distress, the arts can provide great benefits to personal and community wellbeing, such as increased community cohesiveness, increased self confidence and resilience, improved physical and mental health, reduced feelings of isolation, new personal and creative skills, strengthened connections to place and a sense of shared optimism.

The Creative Recovery Network aims to validate and legitimise the critical role of the arts in disaster recovery efforts. Typically an afterthought when planning community recovery, the Creative Recovery Network aims to get arts and culture sector a ‘seat at the table’ when the responses are being planned. 

Recovering from a flood, drought or a cyclone is not just about making sure the bricks and mortar are back in place – it is also the sense of community that enables people to rebuild their lives so they can be optimistic about their future – this is the social infrastructure that keeps a community strong.

The Creative Recovery Network activates the arts to play a key role in helping disaster-affected Australians rebuild their lives and community spirit.

As a community we all need to be better prepared to respond to future natural disasters and the arts sector has an important role to play. Artists, arts workers and cultural practitioners are invited to support this initiative by joining the Network, creating a profile and sharing your creative recovery experiences.

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