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Celebrate World Water Day 2015 with Balance-Unbalance
22 Mar 2015
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In celebration of World Water Day, we are launching the WaterWheel e-book, a significant publication resulting from the 2014 World Water Day Symposium. Science, art, ecology, community and youth respond to the theme: “Water Views: Caring and Daring.” 

An astonishing number and variety of entries – 125 articles & 540 pages – makes this book a rich collection of ongoing work around the globe, often with a local focus, on raising awareness and responding to water issues. 

450 participants from 34 countries across 5 continents interacted with an audience ‘live’ on the Internet & in 18 physical venues or ‘nodes’ through Waterwheel, an online platform dedicated to water. The symposium, held 17-23 March 2014, also integrated youth & inter-generational dialogue with the "Voice of the Future" strand. 

Transversal knowledge and multidisciplinarity across cultures and languages shaped the content and structure of the e-book. The nine richly illustrated chapters contain three types of entries, based on the presentation given as part of the Symposium: “Splash”– project overview, “Ripple”– detailed project description, and “Wave”– peer-reviewed article on original research. 

Download the e-book here: http://blog.water-wheel.net/2015/02/e-book-water-views-3WDS14.html.

Following the World Water Day celebration and e-book launch, Balance-Unbalance conference conveners Garth Paine and Sabine Feisst will officially launch the 2015 conference program. This will be followed by virtual program highlights with Leah Barclay, including a parallel Balance-Unbalance event happening in the Pacific Islands. The session will conclude with a presentation from Balance-Unbalance founder Ricardo Dal Farra, outlining the history and significance of this conference series. 

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