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Vanuatu Women’s Water Music Film - Live Stream for World Water Day 2015
22 Mar 2015
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We are hosting a live stream of the Vanuatu Women’s Water Music film to celebrate World Water Day and support the communities in Vanuatu. 

These remote Island communities are experiencing the true ramifications of climate change and at Balance-Unbalance we recognise the critical value of engaging with Indigenous knowledge systems in responding to climate change. 

The Leweton Cultural Group performing Vanuatu Women’s Water Music were a highlight for many at Balance-Unbalance 2013 in Australia and we have maintained an ongoing partnership to make sure remote coastal and island communities have a voice in global conversations around climate change. 

The Vanuatu Women’s Water Music film was produced in Vanuatu and performed by the Leweton Cultural Group. They travel the world performing the Na Mag and Ne Lang dances as a prelude to the mystical water music, dressed in their traditional costumes of Gaua and Mere Lava made from flowers and leaves, coconuts and pandanus.

Their performance is truly mesmerizing as they reimagine the old with contemporary expressions of Matto - bringing together traditional beats and rhythms with ukulele-led melodies and soaring vocal harmonies.

The Water Music of Vanuatu is a performance that needs to be seen (and heard) to be believed. It recently received a 5-Star review from Songlines magazine. 

The film will be introduced during the Balance-Unbalance program launch event on WaterWheel. You can participate online by clicking the following link and watching live:  


Here is the program information for the launch: https://balanceunbalance2015.sched.org/event/14318e36ba0102a2e63b8c3702f43942#.VQy8gjTF93U 

The program launch event begins at 4pm Phoenix time. You can use this link to find the start time at your location - http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=%22Water+Views:+Caring+and+Daring%22+e-book+launch,+part+1&iso=20150322T09&p1=47 

Here is the direct streaming link for the VANUATU WOMEN'S WATER MUSIC film  - https://theplanetspins.vhx.tv/buy/vanuatu-women-s-water-music 

Please click the link above to stream the film at the programmed time (6pm Phoenix time, Saturday) on World Water Day. Please note, the cost to stream the film is $5.00. 

This fee will also enable you to download a HD copy of the film that you can watch anytime, forever! It's your digital copy.

The funding generated from the film streaming goes directly to the communities in Vanuatu and will assist in the difficult process of rebuilding their communities after the catastrophic damage of Cyclone Pam last week.  

We are encouraging everyone to stream the film simultaneously at the programmed time and join the conversation via social media. It is no problem if you start slightly earlier or later or need to pause the film during the stream. 

We encourage everyone to show their support for Vanuatu on World Water Day by using the following official hashtags on social media platforms during or after the virtual event.    

Vanuatu Women’s Water Music Film - #WaterMusic #Vanuatu

World Water Day 2015 - #WorldWaterDay #WWD2015 

Balance-Unbalance International Conference 2015 - #Balance15 

We will collect tweets and social media posts and share them with the communities after the event. 

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