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Rural Route Film Festival — New York, New York
24 Mar 2015
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Over the past ten years, the Rural Route Film Festival has showcased cinema with a rural dimension. This has created a library of international films that speak to some aspect of rural experience. The festival continues to grow in Astoria and the founders continue to take the films to cities and towns across the country. 

From their website: 

"The Rural Route Film Festival was created to highlight works that deal with unique people and places outside of the bustle of the city.  Taking in a Rural Route program is like choosing the road less travelled, and learning something new about our constantly amazing world.  Whether it be a fictional backpacking drama set in the Peruvian Andes, a personal/experimental work about life in a Kazakh village, or a documentary about an organic, Appalachian turnip farm, our mission is to screen work about rare people and cultures normally overlooked by the mainstream media.  Our content consists of top quality, cutting edge contemporary and archival work from sources both local and far, far away.

Since 2002, the Rural Route Film Festival has been centered in New York City, where both founders (originally from Iowa) met working in the film industry.  Whether screening in New York, or on one of our many tour dates, our content is more relevant than ever, tackling some of the most important topics of the day within the slow food movement, global warming/environmental arena, and life sustainability symposium."

To become a host of the Rural Route Tour, email tour@ruralroutefilms.com 

This postcard photo, Alan Webber from the Rural Route Film Festival, is licensed CC 2.0 by Mel Andringa

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