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Food, Flavour, Fusion: 8th March-21st June 2014
27 Mar 2015
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Fairfield City, NSW is one of the most multi-culturally diverse cities in Australia with more than 65 countries represented in its local government area. More than half of the residents of Fairfield were born overseas and the majority of the population speak a language other than English. By creating events to acknowledge this diversity, Fairfield City Museum and Art Gallery has sought to bring these varied cultures together, in this instance, to showcase traditional styles of cooking which highlight the symbolic importance of food in celebrations, ceremonial events and everyday living.
Food, Flavour, Fusion enabled us to explore the role of food in some of the more prominent cultures located within Fairfield such as Assyrian, Vietnamese and Chinese.
Illuminating the diversity of these cuisines assists us to reflect on the impact of migration to Australia, specifically Sydney and how the coming together of communities through the sharing of culinary traditions, demonstrating the specific ingredients and cooking techniques passed on for generations, enables greater understanding and insight into those cultures. This in turn, enhances our connections with the past and each other.
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