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Happy Ever After: Weddings in a Multicultural City, 13th Sept – 15th Nov 2014
27 Mar 2015
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Fairfield City, NSW is home to many refugees and asylum seekers and continues to welcome new migrants every year. With a population of over 201,000 people, Fairfield City consists of residents who are among the most culturally diverse in Australia. Happy Ever After was designed to explore the diversity and highlight the similarities that exist within multicultural weddings, specifically in Laotian, Cambodian (Khmer), Indian and Samoan communities.
With the aim of forging stronger community and cross cultural connections, Fairfield City Museum and Gallery staff, worked with members of the represented communities to produce an exhibition which promotes social inclusion and connectivity, encourages self-determination and builds intercultural dialogue. This is achieved, in part, by observing the universally significant wedding ceremony through the eyes of others experiences and appreciating not only the differences in customs but the many similarities.
Cross-cultural Cultural Diversity Weddings
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