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Telluride Film Festival — Telluride, Colorado
28 Mar 2015
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You've heard about Telluride. It's an important festival in a very small town. Despite being a center of gravity in the film world, the festival has a democratic and welcoming atmosphere. They understand the transformative power of cinema and invite everyone to experience great films. 

"There are two kinds of film festival," said Salman Rushdie. "There are the mega-hyped, hoopla-infested selling circuses, and there is Telluride. It is extraordinarily exciting, in this age of the triumph of capitalism, to discover an event dedicated not to commerce, but to love. And if that sounds old-fashioned and starry-eyed, so be it. The cinema was always in the business of gazing at the stars." 

They don't announce what's playing until everyone arrives in the mountains, but you can learn more about the 2015 festival and Telluride's other programs, including education programs, here.  

This postcard photo, Telluride Film Fest, is licensed CC 2.0 by K Web Creative

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