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Woniora Subway Layout
25 Mar 2015
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This term at Woniora we've really focussed on getting the framework in place to create an immersive film where a model train joureny's through the student's artwork.

The layout is actually quite large approx: 1.8m x 1.4m. The only surface large enough to hold it is the timetable table.

All made from light weight 3mm ply which is adequate to hold the weight of the track, train and go pro camera. It's also ellavated abot 20cm off the surface so we can model terrain beneath the track.

The other feature is that half the track will be in darkness as a transition space or perhaps to evoke an under world or subconscious terrain.


Dushan and I have created a framework for students which asked them to reflect on their life in terms of childhood memories, where they are now and where they see themselves going. This framework is starting to throw up some interesting ideas - some very literal places, others more surreal or fantastical.

With the bare structure in place the focus across term 2 will be to develop work to install around the track.

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