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Wilma Rae from Milton, LA
1 Apr 2014
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Wilma Rae is a life-long resident of Milton, LA.  On more then one occasion, she has been our gracious hostess when we come to town. She has introduced us to her neighbors and families. We've had the pleasure of indulging in her gumbo and bread pudding! 

MILTON is a multiyear performance and community engagement experiment. For the past few years PearlDamour— the performance-making duo of Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour— and Engagement Strategist/Dramaturg Ashley Sparks have been visiting five towns named Milton across the United States. In Wisconsin, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Oregon, we have interviewed local residents and community groups about where they live and how they define their role in the world. 

Tell us about this picture-- what are you wearing? I'm wearing a shirt apron I've made with a shirt belonging to my deceased husband. I also used that project as a Christmas gift for our 4 children and the 7 oldest grand children. They were so touched and grateful to have such a reminder of fond memories.


How did you get to Milton? I'm a native of Milton and have lived here all my life. My Cajun heritage has kept me a Milton resident for all of my 81 years. My husband was also a life long Miltonite.

Do you have a favorite thing to eat or to make? It is difficult for me to single out any one favorite dish
or meal since I taught Foods for 27 years in the Public
School System Lafayette Parish. Probably gumbo, both seafood
 and chicken-sausage (fresh sausage) are my favorite to prepare. It's simple to prepare, delicious and loved by all! Bread Pudding topped with meringue and rum sauce is one of my favorite desserts.
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