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Photographer David Jesse McChesney talks about listening to the Desert
7 Apr 2015
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During the Joshua Tree Art Festival, we met David Jesse McChesney, a wildlife photographer renowned for his depictions of the scenery, plant life, and wildlife of Joshua Tree National Park.  

Listen to David talk about the sounds of the desert in this except from our interview. 

Some information of David's recent photography exhibition: 

“The story of America’s national parks has long been told through the sensitive eyes of such photographic masters as William Henry Jackson, Ansel Adams, Joseph and David Muench, and many others. Now, David McChesney uses his camera’s lens to reveal the intricate, yet subtle interplay of the park’s Mojave and Colorado Desert landscapes with their supremely adapted desert life forms. Where earlier photographers created their masterpieces using film and chemical processes, McChesney works in the digital domain of pixels to show views of Joshua Tree National Park that most park visitors seldom experience.

In 2007, the Joshua Tree Visitor Center hosted the America’s Best Idea exhibit, a collection of panoramic photos, one each, of all 58 of the nation’s national parks. The Miles of Wonder exhibit is a remarkably detailed look at a single national park– Joshua Tree, and its images show rare views of weather, wildlife behavior, and other natural phenomena that reveal the desert’s inner beauty.” 


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