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Lyric Theatre
18 Feb 2011
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Lyric Theatre is a division of The College of New Jersey's School of Arts and Communication.  It is taught by music professors at the college and casts students in new productions each semester.  Currently, Lyric Theatre is working on producing the opera "Barber of Seville" for the Spring 2011 Season.  

The group works hard to teach students about the elements involved in creating quality musical performances.  Together, teachers and students rehearse three days a week to learn music, staging, and acting.  Lyric Theatre builds a strong sense of community among the actors and musicians involved.  Productions are open to the public to enjoy operas and musicals that they might not experience anywhere else.


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James M. Mon, 21 Feb 2011 5:25am

The quality of this video is very high.  What program did you use to edit the video.  Did you use a Flip to film it?  I like that you mentioned that admission to performances are open to the public, though that fact should be made more vivid in the video.  Also, are non-music majors able to participate and to what extent is the campus community invited to be involved (and to what extent does that occur)?  While quite effective at this length, it might also be useful to attempt a shorter version (perhaps in placestory format) that a browsing patron might grasp more rapidly.