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Missouri Botanical Garden
30 Apr 2015
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The Missouri Botanical Garden is a science center and recreational area for the St. Louis community. It has historically partnered with Washington University for many educational outreach programs and initiatives, as well as research into plant sciences through the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. It is seen as one of St. Louis's most valuable attractions by both tourists and St. Louis residents in the community.

One of the newest initiatives between Washington University and the Botanical Garden is the SIFT and TERF programs for high-schoolers. These enrichment programs allow St. Louis high school students to experience environmental science research and fieldwork, gearing them towards opportunities available in environmental science careers. This occurs through both fieldwork at the Garden and research at the Tyson Research Center, another partner institution of Washington University.

Aside from educational opportunities, the Missouri Botanical Garden offers community events that bring St. Louis residents together from across the city. Cultural events such as the Japanese Festival and Chinese Culture Days provide opportunities for the community to gather and experience other cultures, and the gardens themselves offer recreation for families and children, especially with programming such as free concerts during the summer. St. Louis residents regard the Botanical Garden as a valued institution to the city, one that certainly leaves a positive impact on its surrounding community.

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