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Washington University Danforth Campus
30 Apr 2015
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Welcome to a digital map of the interaction between Washington University in St. Louis and the surrounding St. Louis community. This map presents economic ties, partnerships, and initiatives of Washington University that have a significant impact on St. Louis. 

Washington University itself has had a profound impact on its surroundings and community. Chancellor Wrighton described the University as a "significant employer" of St. Louis citizens from all across the County, with "a few hundred" employees coming from the Ferguson area. He also claimed that the undergraduate students who spend money in surrounding areas provide a large economic contribution to local businesses, particularly in areas like the Loop. Students themselves have also become responsible for a vast array of community service projects and initiatives; a digital map of student involvement in St. Louis can be found on the website of the Gephardt Institute for Public Service. 

The effects of the physical campus itself are also to be considered. A campus study by Professor Rudolf Hasar in 2008 found that the Danforth campus emits around 100,000 metric tons of CO2 each year. This no doubt leaves a huge carbon footprint from the campus, and is created largely from powering  the buildings on campus, but is also strengthened by emissions from student housing and faculty commuters. 




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