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Emmis Communications
4 May 2015
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Describing themselves as “One of the nation’s most respected diversified communications companies,” Emmis Communications is home to four St. Louis radio stations and is located right behind Union Station. Founded in 1980, Emmis’ headquarters are located in Indiana, and the company owns radio and publication affiliates across the country and in Slovakia. Emmis is also the presenting sponsor of the Moonlight Ramble, a night-time bike ride.

This location illuminates another problem with the Cakeway to the West exhibit--some of the locations were chosen because they donated money to the cause. Although this is not a bad thing by any means, it can be argued that Emmis is not as influential a location as some other places that were not chosen, such as, for example, Pruitt-Igoe. This phenomenon also occurred at the Ameren headquarters on Chouteau, as the location was awarded two cakes because they were one of the biggest sponsors of STL250.

In a presentation at the Maplewood Public Library on May 21st, Matthew Nolan, an amateur photographer who self-published a book of all of the cakes, mentioned Emmis as a location that he was perplexed by. He pointed out that Emmis did not originally have a cake--it was when the company realized that they wanted one that they made a sizable donation to STL250 and received their cake. It is concerning that the Cakeway to the West exhibit can be so influenced by funds. Although Emmis Communications has some influence in the St. Louis region, one wonders if another location could have been chosen that would help illuminate a more accurate representation of St. Louis’ history and culture than a communications firm based out of Indiana.

Photo: http://250years250cakes.blogspot.com/2014/07/196-emmis-communications.html

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