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Crown Candy Kitchen
4 May 2015
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Crown Candy Kitchen, located in Old North St. Louis, has been a St. Louis staple for generations. Opened in 1913 by Harry Karandzieff and Pete Jugaloff, the restaurant has been passed from generation to generation. Famous for its sky-high sandwiches, homemade chocolates, and decadent desserts, St. Louisans know that when they want a hearty lunch with a retro vibe, Crown Candy Kitchen is the place to be. As stated on their website, “Crown Candy Kitchen is one of St Louis’ oldest and most popular attractions.”

What makes this location interesting is that, although it had a cake, it was not a location chosen by the committee. Rather, this location was chosen by a popular vote. Similar to other locations chosen, Crown Candy has a rich history and is considered a landmark by the majority of St. Louisans. Why then, was it not selected for a cake originally? Did it have to do with its location in North City?

Looking at the map of the cake locations, there are few cakes in the neighborhood of Crown Candy. The Griot Museum of Black History is located a few blocks west of Crown Candy on the same street, St. Louis Avenue. Other than that, the cakes are relatively scattered. This lends to the idea that St. Louis remembers only the history we want to remember. There are a lot of cakes in West and South County, as well as the central corridor. North City, the area of St. Louis with arguably the most rich (and controversial) history, is proportionally lacking cakes. Incidentally, many of the new locations that I propose are in North City, as the significant events and locations were not originally represented in the Cakeway to the West project.

Photo: http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/food-and-cooking/crown-candy-kitchen-marks-years-of-delighting-st-louisans/article_742588e9-fc78-5e0c-9cd3-40ca43297f6d.html

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