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6 May 2015
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FIGMENT Geelong is an annual and free participatory and interactive arts event.

FIGMENT is an annual free participatory arts festival that takes place in a number of cities around North America (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, San Diego, Chicago, Oakland, Toronto and Jackson, Mississippi) and was launched internationally in Geelong, Australia in March 2013.

FIGMENT's mission is to build community through the participatory arts, inspiring personal and social transformation by creating cultural events and experiences in a spirit of participation and inclusion.
FIGMENT seeks to nurture new artistic talent, create groundbreaking interactive artwork and to create a sustainable community around the arts in each location in which we work.

FIGMENT demonstrates what the arts can be: participatory, bursting with creativity and completely free, born from the desire to share imagination and invention between artists and the public. The development, production, and experience of FIGMENT are guided by the following principles:
- Immediacy
- Self-expression
- Self-reliance
- Leave No Trace
- Decommodification
- Gifting
- Civic Responsibility
- Communal Effort
- Participation
- Inclusion
- Gratitude

FIGMENT Geelong seeks to inspire creative civic action, community cohesion and entrepreneurialism by giving the city a chance to interact, play, create and share fun and bonding experiences with each other for free and in the centre of the city. FIGMENT aims to ignite the ingenuity, passion and creativity that is in all of us. We want to bring people together and improve the profile of Geelong.

FIGMENT Geelong 2013, the international debut of the US-based FIGMENT Project, put Geelong on the international arts scene map as an innovative city that supports collaborative creative efforts. FIGMENT Geelong 2014 solidified Geelong’s commitment to creative, collaborative and innovative public art, exercises of community development and civic engagement. And FIGMENT Geelong 2015 boasts attracting an international artist to come to Geelong to produce work specifically for the event and looks forward to an emergent transition for the core volunteer team.

FIGMENT Geelong was initiated by a partnership between FIGMENT Project, Inc (USA) and Diversitat. The unincorporated community association “FIGMENT Geelong” was formed to produce FIGMENT Geelong 2013 in March of that year. And in July 2013, FIGMENT Australia Pty Ltd was created and FIGMENT Geelong 2103, 14 &15 have been funded by annual City of Greater Geelong Community Arts: Festivals grants,administered by FIGMENT Australia Pty Ltd.
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Creating Australia Wed, 6 May 2015 8:31pm

Love the prinicples and local/global aspects of this CACD project!