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Art Party
10 Jun 2015
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We are a genre-free performance evening, with supremely talented emerging/established artists, looking to connect with fellow-hearted artists more. Run on a shoestring, this grassroots organisation aims to connect artists, create opportunities, spread the word, facilitate gig-creation and make good art. Together. This is the only way we know how to combat the daily grind.
Funded by Jessie Ray, and our loving audience donations, and supported by generous volunteers and benefactors, this is a profit-share venture which aims to get artists paid for their performance, show the audience that magic of presence, and integrate the needs of emerging artists and entrepreneurs in Sydney.
Art Party has toured twice on the East Coast of Australia, and is currently being set up to run regularly in Melbourne. There is already a regular event being held in Nelson, Canada by an Art Party ambassador, Zaynab Tuta, and we do hope to continue spreading this community excellence, acceptance and passion worldwide.
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