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Griffith Review
11 Jun 2015
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Over the next six years Griffith Review will continue to be the leading national cultural quarterly, publishing the best established and emerging writers in Australia and bringing them to an increasingly international audience in print, online and on large and small screens.

Public affairs, literary and cultural publishing is a subsidised activity everywhere in the world – subsidised by the state, philanthropists and the industry, because while the information and reflection that such publishing features has a commercial value, its greatest value is in turning up the level of civilisation, to enriching public discussion and advancing civil civic conversations.

At a time of global electronic media saturation, instant opinions and group think, the quiet, dispassionate, non partisan writing that Griffith Review features is more important than ever. With the six-year funding support Griffith Review will have the certainty it needs to secure additional sponsorship, philanthropic and market support.

Federal electorate: Brisbane

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