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11 Jun 2015
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Our company runs from creating new shows for the youth and family sector and then taking them on tour nationally and internationally. We tour for nearly 7 months of every year and play all over Australia and the world. We employ the equivalent of 3 people full time. In order continue to run we apply for development funding to create new work. 

The creative development we would have applied to in the Australia Council's June round involved the adaptation of the company's new book 'Ickypedia: A Dictionary of Disgusting New Words' (published by penguin October 2015) for stage. The creative development was to create an engaging, interactive, fun and highly tourable theatre work for the children and families sector which would tour regional and metropolitatan areas for 2016/17. We also are concerned that the cuts to the Australia Council will adversely effect the venues and festivals we perform at. Federal electorate: Wills Funding estimate: $12000 Projected job losses (full-time equivalent): 3.00

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