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Dean Walsh - PrimeOrderly
15 Jun 2015
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I was applying for the one year Creative Australia Fellowship (established). I had worked on compiling this one year Fellowship program for more than 50 hours including compiling and editing video support material, garnering support from various marine science organisations / institutes (with potential financial and in-kind support to value of $13,000). This program would have had me work with 3 renowned environmental scientists - an invasive species ecologist, oceanographic geophysicist and a marine biologist as well as a team of motion capture animators from University of technology, Sydney and 5 high calibre dance artists.
I was also applying for a stage one project development for a new group work that would have premiered in mid - late 2017 at Performance Space in Sydney. I was half way through this application when the June round was cancelled and had spent over 20 hours on it.

Federal electorate: North Sydney
Funding estimate: $127,000
Projected job losses (full-time equivalent): 120.00

Animation Dance DIgital Arts Multi-disciplinary Performance North Sydney Project
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