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Belconnen Arts Centre
15 Jun 2015
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BAC's expression of interest to the Australia Council included a groundbreaking suite of Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD) projects that bring together artists, arts workers and communities to explore the complexities of modern life. This was the first application of its kind from an ACT based key arts organisation to the Australia Council's Community Arts and Cultural Development panel. 

1) The Socially Engaged Artist Network (SEAN) ACT SEAN will support CACD artists and producers to develop new work in a critically engaged environment. SEAN has 3 key elements designed to be supportive, interconnected and provide pathways: 

a. CAPITAL [art] WORKS: with in kind venue and producer support, 5 artist and/or companies work collaboratively to develop CACD practice; 

b. Perfect Match: with funding and producer support, 10 annual micro CACD projects delivered through new arts and nonarts activations; and 

c. Sector Development Initiatives: each year no less than 5 activities and events to develop skills, knowledge and critical engagement with CACD for artists and producers. This includes a fully funded annual CACD Critical Practice Artist in Residence with both interstate and international practitioners. 

2) IGNITE: Alternative Arts Academy This is a best practice extension arts program for artists who identify as having a disability. The Academy will integrate group and individual learning, building on course work in visual arts and performance. Objectives will be identified in tailored learning plans that include skill development through mentoring and partnerships. Australia Council funding will expand the annual enrolment to 45 artists. 

3) Indigenous Arts and Cultural Exchange (IACE) IACE will support arts activity through production assistance for projects proposed and controlled by the Indigenous community. We will expand resources and opportunities available for Indigenous groups and organisations, and support emerging artists and their development through creative exchange, multi arts, and new media. Australia Council funding will ensure at least 5 activities per year with no less than 5 Indigenous artists/arts workers, including 1 nationally recognised artist. Federal electorate: Fraser Funding estimate: $900,000 Projected job losses (full-time equivalent): 5.00

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