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Casus Circus
16 Jun 2015
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Casus Circus, Brisbane based contemporary circus company.
Since premiering 'Knee Deep' in 2012 we have toured to 15 Countries and 98 cities with approximately 400 performances. We employ a team of 13 Australians, and in 2014 generated $600,000 from overseas touring to bring back to Australian shores. We have received 5 awards. We now have 4 shows in repertoire. We were going to apply for $150,000 for project funding in the June round to ensure that the growth of this little company doing very big things is ensured and we can seek some support where we need it most, developing our art. Our business is thriving!

Federal electorate: Longman
Funding estimate: $150,000
Projected job losses (full-time equivalent): 2.00

Longman Project
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