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9 Mar 2011
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RESURRECT was an artist-in-residence project in Albany, exploring the theme of recycling and environmental issues engaging the visual arts, music, multi-media and community cultural development processes.

The project involved an artist in residence program over 5 weeks with a series of community and artists workshops, open studio, and a schools program. This resulted in an exhibition at the Vancouver Arts Centre including instruments made from recycled materials, a sound-scape, performance, sculpture, installation, and multi-media.

The artists in residence were Cecile Williams (visual arts) and Peter Keelan (music) both who specialize in using recycled materials. They worked in collaboration with each other and with the Nine Lives artists- Sandy O'Doherty, Michael O'Doherty, and Saz Lockyer-  as well as local artists, community members and youth. The project was managed by Nine Lives Coordinator Sue Codee.

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