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Colourise Festival: eARTh
17 Aug 2015
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Uniikup Productions Ltd. is a not for profit company limited by guarantee established in 1994 and was formerly Murriimage Community Video and Film Service, a community development initiative of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of Brisbane.
Colourise Festival emerged from Indigenous produced video and film screenings in communities across Brisbane from 1988. In 2003 the opportunity arose to extend the event to multi-arts including dance, music and visual art exhibition. Events since that time have continued to change with the growth of creative expression and concepts arising from our venerable culture. Festival details can be located in the EVENTS tab and the history of the organisation in ABOUT UNIIKUP on our website www.colourise.com.au.
Funding has been variable over the past 29 years and the organisation and event has been sustained by taking a seasonal approach whereby the scope of events and activities reflect and correspond with the current social, political and economic circumstances effecting our communities; in much the same way as life for Indigenous people has unfolded across our countries for millennia. Our current funding is obtained from Brisbane City Council Festival Funding Program.
The current publicity for the 28-30 October 'Colourise Festival 2015: eARTh - chance change motion' event is:
"Colourise Festival eARTh is a dusk to dark, Indigenous community-mobile-live-media-art event. On warm evenings under a full moon participants ’creAct’ contemporary ceremonies with casual walks on country, to re-imagine Brisbane city through Indigenous eyes. Join us in ’re-dreeaming’ the land as we care for country, care for kin."
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