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Maroochy Waterwatch Inc
15 Mar 2011
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Maroochy Waterwatch has grown into a significant not for profit organisation with a diverse network that embraces a number of environmental andcommunity issues. The activities, achievements and professional standards are recognised by industry, government and the wider community. The organisation has a large volunteer base and activities as varied as the issues facing the Maroochy River and the Region. Some examples of these are listed below:

  • More than 60 families undertake monthly water quality testing and reporting.
  • Creek rehabilitation projects support the efforts of hundreds of landowners.
  • The Waterwatch River Patrol provides advice to river users whilst retrieving rubbish.
  • A public education campaign which raises awareness of the importance of the river.

The organisation also operates several social enterprises including Maroochy Catchment Services, the Coolum Community Native Nursery and Eco Ed Services. we are also the regional hub for the Queensland Environmental Sustainable Schools Initiative.

Vision: A Maroochy River Catchment managed for a sustainable future by an active and knowledgeable community.

Mission: Provide the support and learning tools the community needs to build a lifelong commitment to sustainable living and participation in natural resource management.

Key Priorities:

  • Transforming our catchment and regional community.
  • Supporting a learning community that leads to change.
  • Developing a centre of excellence in environmental management.
  • Excellence in business, governance and administration.
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