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Sunshine Coast Community Inclusive Theatre Restaurant (SCCITR)
23 Sep 2015
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SCCITR is an Inclusive Performing Arts Initiative bringing together artists from all communities to participate at every level, including performance artists, technicians, wait staff, chefs, stage hands and marketing and administration personnel. People with a disability who have an interest in comic acting, dance, music, hospitality, stage management and the arts (mask making, prop creation, electronic arts, emcee duties, etc.) will be given the opportunity to be mentored in the field of their choice.
The initiative is a cooperative driven by a group of disability services, performing artists and an existing performance group, The Sunshine Troupe Inc who have come together to develop the concept. The entertainment at each event includes a series of fast paced comedic skits, stand-up comedy and musical theatre pieces. Patrons are engaged, lightly teased and generally “up-close” and personal with the skits and performers.
The Theatre Restaurant projects have been developed with Regional Arts Development Fund grants and the Sunshine Coast Council. Five disability services, Parent to Parent, Inclusion Plus, Equity Works, Spiral and SCILS have supported the projects with in kind support including rehearsal spaces, admin support and printing services.
The Sunshine Troupe Inc has been in existence for seven years and is the platform from which the larger project has been launched. Performers attend weekly classes and week end rehearsals. The weekly classes are part of their weekly routine and are attended supported via a weekly tuition fee to cover costs.
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