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Driftless Film Festival
5 Nov 2015
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Founded in 2009 by filmmakers Darren Burrows and Nicholas Langholff, Driftless was born of a love for independent films, an appreciation for the unusual region, and the joy of spending a weekend immersed in the charm of Mineral Point’s galleries, shops, restaurants, and bars. We welcomed an estimated 1,300 attendees in 2014.

The Driftless film Festival is held at the Mineral Point Opera House.  Beautifully restored in 2009, The Mineral Point Opera House retains the atmosphere of its origins as a 1915 vaudeville house. Brought to life by film screenings and live performances year round, the Opera House is both an elegant testament to Mineral Point’s passion for preservation and a showcase space for some of the best entertainment in the region.

Documentary Film Theater Festival/Celebration Non-Profit Midwest Filmmaker
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