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Crossing Roper Bar
24 Mar 2011
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The AAO is working with songmen from Ngukurr, NT. The Young Wagilak Group is led by Benjamin and Daniel Wilfred and the AAO is led by Paul Grabowsky. We have been working together since 2005 and have toured to many places from concert halls to remote areas. Melbourne and Ngukurr are at opposite 'ends' of the country but we stay in touch as much as possible.  The AAO has been warmly welcomed when we have toured there. It's good for the young ones to see their leaders performing with musicians who are ranked among the top in the country and to know that their own muscians are highly admired. Crossing Roper Bar shows respect for Aboriginal music and acknowledges its rightful place among the great musical traditions of the world. The AAO muscians have learnt a lot and have thought deeply about the songmen's approach to music-making. The NBN will speed up the collaboration and allow plenty more people to be involved .. we will stream concerts from Melbourne live into Ngukurr for a start. A lot of people up there don't even have access to a computer and yet they are the ones who need the internet the most, being cut off by the Wet for a good part of the year. Best Ann Moir, AAO

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