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Women in Ag Low Stress Stockhandling Follow Up
13 Nov 2015

Holbrook Landcare Women in Ag hosted 11 people at a Low Stress Stockhandling (LSS)Follow Up day at Holbrook on Friday 13 Nov. The participants had a great time getting together to chat about and practice their LSS skills in the paddock and yards, compare notes and techniques and generally build each other’s confidence to implement LSS at home.

The “Follow On” event was building on and sharing learnings and skills from the inaugural Women in Ag  LSS Training School in Jan 2014 and the special Masterclass in July 2014. There were 7 participants from the 2014 events and 4 new Women in Ag getting the low down on LSS and wanting to learn more.

Jasmine Nixon from Teys Australia, presented information and details of the supply chain that connected LSS knowledge and techniques to better carcase quality, less handling and trucking weight loss and more profitable and  productive animals in feedlots and over the hooks.

Jasmine also discussed the info and data sheets you can get back from Teys Australia and other buyers that will help pinpoint producer behaviours that optimise profit and productivity such as yard maintenance, sale planning and preparation.

It’s possible to develop a preferred supplier relationship with the feed lotters if your cattle are bunker and horse trained. They generally optimise the feedlot production and are safer for the handlers.

Alison McIntosh presented information on a range of marketing options and how to optimise your choices. We had a good in-depth discussion about e-ID Tags and Readers, electronic scales and systems to record and use your herd data.


To cap off the day, the girls got out on the paddock with a superb demo from Flick Middleton and lots of support in the yards from Meg Rowe. Thanks to Liz Rowe for hosting us at her home and for all the support from Joy Wearn and the HLN WiA Steering Committee. 

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