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A New Beginning
19 Dec 2015
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A New Beginning was created with young artist from Woniora Road School as part of Fresh AIR resident artists in schools program 2014-2016.

The work was co-created with artists Howard Matthew (visual art, video) and Michael Moebus (sound) across 2015 academic year. The work developed from Woniora road artists modelling emotional landscapes; a place or feeling they wanted to move away from and a better place or feeling they wanted to move towards. The completed model filled a table tennis table and had to be navigated using an action camera mounted on a model train set. In tandem with the modelling the artists also worked on songs and soundscapes to accompany the video.

This work was exhibited as a work in progress at the MCA in October 2015 and as a completed installation/projection at SYdney Opera House December 2015.

Fresh AIR: resident artists in schools is supported by Arts New South Wales in conjunction with Australia Council for the Arts and New South Wales Department of Education.

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