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25 Mar 2011
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METAVERSE MAKEOVERS _LEVEL 1 _FUR is the first in a series of live performance installations integrating the latest in live-video processing and augmented reality enhanced projections. Three works will be presented site-specifically in the hyper-colour environments of beauty salons, saunas, and nail parlours across 2011. 3d Filmed and cinematographic assets undertaken across the physical site-specific venues feeds into the development of an online game, and downloadable Augmented Reality couture line. METAVERSE MAKEOVERS places contemporary perspectives on beauty, the art of maquillage, and mediated forms of embodiment under a seductive lens. Thea Baumann and Ben Ferns (Augmented Reality artist based in Tokyo), collaborate over the network, utlising Teamviewer software systems to generate live-video processing effects projected onto dancers in physical site-specific locations, synchronise Kinects hacking and MAX MSP systems. METAVERSE MAKEOVERS aims to develop and catalyse networked and remote collaboration between fashion epicentres of the world - Paris / Tokyo / Melbourne / New York in the creation of transmedia experiences, live performance, and artworks experienced through the digital realm.

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