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20 Jan 2016
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There is no longer a defined funding stream for youth theatre arts in Australia - in 2015 we were working to transition to four year funding 2017 - 2020. Given the highly competitive funding climate due to funding cuts it was always going to be difficult to compete in an open setting.

Unfortunately we were not sucessful in attaining project program funding in the Sept 1 2015 round for the 2016 operational year -- we are now $60K down at very short notice.

Funding at the Federal level is very important for leveraging funds from a range of other sources and is also seen as an endorsement of our practice.

As a youth led organisation we have built our practice since 1998 around a vision of: young people telling their important stories through theatre; and young emerging artists establishing professional practice pathways.

We are always been concerned to make excellent work while being accessible, inclusive, innovative and responsive to the interests and needs of young people. Our work attracts young people who are highly motivated about theatre making who often have an important personal story to tell.

Our work supports capacity building, social and economic inclusion and community engagement through the theatre arts.

Our core business has been built around: cross sector partnerships and programming, youth engaged collaboratively developed new works and facilitating emerging artists professional practice pathways.

We believe that no young person exists without context, diverse voices give us diverse art and that young emerging artists need industry entry points.

Federal electorate: Melbourne Ports
Transitional funding claim: $60,000
Projected job losses (full-time equivalent): 1.00

CACD Emerging and Experimental Multi-arts Theatre Impact on capacity to deliver program Impact on capacity to leverage Regional Arts September 2015 Project Round Youth Arts Organisation Melbourne Ports
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