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Tomás Madrigal: Land and Water on Washington State’s Salish Coast
31 Mar 2016
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Researcher Tomás Alberto Madrigal shares with us his research on land and water rights, in which he discusses the importance of both economic viability and environmental sustainability for food production. Madrigal explains the practices of Washington State large-scale farms transforming their wealth into land holdings, multi-national agri-corporations’ attempts to improve their position in today’s global markets, and he dissects trends in agriculture towards vertical integration. Through a breakdown of Washington State’s berry production, we find out that 96% of the state’s profits resulting from berry production belong in the hands of only 15% of the state’s berry growers. Madrigal discusses the problems and biases of Farmland Trusts, praises the efforts of the Familias Unidas por la Justicia, and shares with us his vision for a future of economically viable and environmentally sustainable agriculture. Please see Madrigal entire article, “Land and Water on Washington State’s Salish Coast" on the National Family Farm Coalition (NFFC) blog.

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