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Murray Landcare Coordinators Making a Difference
17 May 2016

A HUGE thankyou and congratulations from Murray Regional Landcare Facilitator to the new team of 'NSW Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative' Landcare Coordinators and their host organisations. After five years of building pressure of unmet needs in Murray Landcare, I am noticing amazing changes in participant confidence and action in our Groups and communities. Groups are re-forming and community members are meeting and making decisions to formalise their sustainable agriculture and natural resource management needs and plans. There is a general sense of confident anticipation and activity to address long standing gaps and holes in support and capacity to deliver better sus ag and NRM in the Murray region. Landcare Coordinators, Roger, Jeanette, Erika, Judy and Paula are establishing themselves as integral catalysts in the Murray Landcare collective. They are working in with Local Land Services and other agencies to collect, synthesis and  share information and solutions enabling communtities and Groups to address their pressing needs. The positive feedback from Groups and leaders in our communtiy is outstanding. Well done team you have hit the ground running!

Landcare LLCI
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