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The Stories Project: OJ on Broadway
11 Apr 2011
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www.thestoriesproject.com.au Stories Project Playlist: www.youtube.com The strangest thing is to walk on concrete. We normally walk on soft sand. - OJ Within days of arriving in Sydney, the Desert Stories crew began lamenting their distance from home and rueing the pace of the city. Inspired by the buskers he saw everyday at Central Station, OJ brought a song about his desert home and his people to the endless parade of city-folk moving through the Railway Square tunnel. He made $20. OJ On Broadway Directors & Cinematographers: Morika Blijabu & Curtis Taylor Performer: Owen Gibbs Sound: Cassandra Nanudie Boom: Jeremy Sammy Editors: Desert Stories crew Creative Director: Shakthidharan Supervising Producer: Eleanor Winkler Supervising Filmmakers: Elias Nohra & Platon Theodoris Music: Living in the Desert by OJ & the Punmu Lakeside Band Content by the Desert Stories crew is produced in partnership between CuriousWorks and Martu Media, a division of Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa. Learn more about The Stories Project at thestoriesproject.com.au Learn more about CuriousWorks at curiousworks.com.au

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