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The Stories Project: Villawood Mums
11 Apr 2011
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www.thestoriesproject.com.au Stories Project Playlist: www.youtube.com "For Australia to become like this - to have Villawood transformed into that is painful." - Maria A well-known end point and starting point for those who leave their country seeking asylum in Australia is Villawood Detention Centre -- formerly known as Villawood Hostel. Two women who were faced with the choice to flee share their story with their sons. There are a few things that separate the arrival of Maria and Zahoor at Villawood: ten years, a few policy reforms and two very large fences. Villawood Mums Release: October 2010 Location: Villawood Detention Centre, Western Sydney Producers: Guido Gonzalez and Saif Jari Directors: Guido Gonzalez and Saif Jari 1st Assistant Director: Alan Lao Directors Photography: Guido Gonzalez and Saif Jari Editor: Anna Lam Sound (Shoot): Shane MacDonald Sound (Post) and Music: Saif Jari Production Assistant: Lazare Nyembo The Stories Project Creative Director: Shakthidharan Producer: Eleanor Winkler Mentors: Elias Nohra & Platon Theodoris The Stories Project is presented by CuriousWorks. Learn more about The Stories Project at www.thestoriesproject.com.au Learn more about CuriousWorks at www.curiousworks.com.au

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