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Murray Landcare Coordinators impact Host Groups
30 Jun 2016

Murray Landcare, Landcare NSW, NSW Local Land Services and Murray Local Land Services Communities Team are supporting a vital and energetic wave of enthusiasm and engagement in Landcare in southern NSW. 

Landcare Coordinators have developed more and improved existing  relationships at district levels between communities, groups and agencies working on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

Host Groups have finalised planning and started to reap the benefits of Landcare Coordinator driven investment. There have been increased partnership efficiencies between Host Groups, clearer understandings and synchronisation of goals, more coordinated on ground works and successful applications for funding.

2 Groups have reformed, 1 group has confirmed it's legal status and several additional contracts for on-ground activity have been agreed.

Host Groups are witnessing the fruition of long term committment to collective action and enjoying the resources to deliver on mutually agreed district and regional goals and targets for sustainable  agriculutre and natural resource management.

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