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"Eucalyptus Dreaming" - Nowa Nowa Caravan Park - 6pm, 8 October 2016
4 Jul 2016
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The Eucalyptus Dreaming gathering and exhibition aims to create awareness, reconfirm and explore our connections to the bush, wild places and vibrant biodiversity of Far East Gippsland. The first ever Eucalyptus Dreaming gathering is in the bush within an area covered by the mining license footprint of the Gippsland Iron Pty Ltd for the Nowa Nowa Iron Pit and Slurry Project. The pit and slurry project threatens our unique Far East Gippsland biodiversity, our Ramsar Listed Lake Tyers, and the very fabric of our community socially, culturally and environmentally.

 The artist will be presenting a photography exhibition at the Nowa Nowa Caravan Park. This Park is perched on the banks of Boggy Creek – a body of pristine water leading directly to the Ramsar listed Lake Tyers that will be most effected by the pit and slurry project.

 It is hoped these works and the  gathering can stimulate discussion and create awareness surrounding mineral resource extraction in our wild places of Far East Gippsland that are being targeted by mining corporations.

 At the gathering attendees can create and discuss ideas around Eucalyptus Dreaming and connection to the bush and what changes and projects can be pursued to help promote an understanding of earth laws in our communites.

 Further information is available by contacting Jeremy:-

(M) 0417891237
Facebook: driftwoodzstonzcuttlebonz

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