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Hattah Kulkyne Biosphere Reserve (Vic)
7 Jul 2016
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Australia has been described as a land of parrots, and on the shores of inland Lake Hattah, many can be heard calling while perched or wheeling overhead in colourful flocks.

Galahs are heard first, with a whistling kite in the background. A pair of ravens give mournful cries while the soft contact calls of a group of rare regent parrots are heard from eucalypts lining the shore. A rosella emits bell-like tones before a small mob of them are disturbed into flight. The regents begin calling again, and one takes wing, before a noisy flight of galahs pass overhead. Yellow-throated miners begin an insistent piping, and the track concludes with the distinctive cry of a major mitchell's cockatoo. 

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