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Kingaroy Landcare Group
13 Apr 2011
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Kingaroy Landcare Group is focussed on maintaining & improving the environment with current projects such as protection & enhancement of the Stuart River Catchment, biological control of the invasive weed "Blue Heliotrope", improving rainfall infiltration on old cropping land that has been returned to pastures and working with other community groups & Local Government Authorities.

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urbanlandcare Thu, 14 Apr 2011 1:12am

There is so much Landcare groups can do for the environment and you sure have a diverse spread of tasks to tackle.

We work on the Trinity Inlet Catchment consisting of cane farms now rapidly becoming urban residential developments.

We do lots of weed ID education that over the years has proved very beneficial for the environment. Our volunteers have found Limnocharis flava in one of our creeks and Annona glabra, Pond Apple in the northern beaches area where it has never been found before.

Our equivalent to your Blue Heliotrope is Spagneticola trilobata, Singapore Daisy. The conventional wisdom is that we will never get rid of it but it does not survive on any of our sites. Mowers and slashers are our biggest threat to its spread.

We do Yellow Crazy Ant monitoring and baiting and watch out for Asian Honey bees.

We host the practical side of the Federal Govt work readiness program volunteers Green Jobs Corps for Direct Employment Services. We have our own nursery so they get a very wide range of revegetation activities.

Good luck with your Heilotrope like most weed eradication tasks it takes persistence.