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"We are One, Stories of the Earth Community" - The Chalice, Northcote Uniting Church - Saturday, 27t
2 Aug 2016
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We are One, Stories of the Earth Community is an interactive family story performance in which participants will explore questions such as: What is our place on Earth? What are our feelings about our Earth?

 Using the InterPlay improvised movement and story telling forms, participants will be engaged in these fun, playful activities that will be used to initiate conversation between children, parents, grandparents. The focus will be on the spiritual/ physical connections we have in our world; especially upholding the sanctity of all life and the rights of the natural world to exist and evolve.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/we-are-one-stories-of-the-earth-community-tickets-26674244383?aff=eac2 

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