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"Voices for the Earth" - Creative Regions, Pop Up Shop, North Bundaberg - 7 to 14 October 2016
29 Aug 2016
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A regional Queensland Earth Arts group exhibition co-hosted by Earth Circle Studios & Creative Regions and featuring selected regional Queensland artists who are addressing environmental issues creatively.

The earth’s ecology is under overwhelming threat. These threats not only endanger the integrity of ecosystems, but leave humans vulnerable. We believe what is required is for us to move far beyond practicalities and develop a concept of the earth itself as worthy of our highest regard—as sacred, as holy. Only then, will we care enough to resist and recraft the patterns of destruction.

The Earth is sacred, as are the people of Earth. We share a common fate. Human health, physically and spiritually, depends upon a healthy ecosphere, and this in turn depends upon the kind of relationship that we as sentient human beings create with Earth and all the life that it sustains.

 Once we recognise the sacred value of Earth and its diversity we can be fully engaged and committed to protecting it.

 Art is a powerful voice and ‘Voices for the Earth’ aims to creatively engage the public in this very relevant and imperative ecological dialogue.


 If you are a QLD regional visual artist who uses art as an environmental voice and would like to be part of this public group exhibition, please contact Jassy Watson at earthcirclestudios@mail.com for more details and an application form.

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